Just email to u@icecreamgallery.com.hk
Tell us the flavour, quantity and the date you want to pick up.

PLEASE PAY THROUGH our bank account:
HSBC 640-052403-838, email the receipt to u@icecreamgallery.com.hk, to confirm if we have received the payment receipt and the order.

ICG will make your favourite ice cream on time for picking up.

For ordering up to HK$400 of ice cream, free delivery service to MTR stations..

Additional charge HK$50 for delivery to MTR stations for ordering below HK$400.


No. Product name 500ml box (HK$) 500ml special price (HK$) 100ml cup (HK$)
  French series

1 French Zero Sugar Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate) (organic sweetener)

120 100  
2 French Extreme Durian Ice Cream
(made with Fresh Malaysian Durian)

140 120  
3 French Mango Ice Cream
(made with Philippine mango)

120 100  
4 French Rose Chocolate Ice Cream
(made with organic rose and 70% dark chocolate from France)

  Gelato series    
1 Dark Chocolate Gelato
(made with Italian Dark Chocolate)

2 Pure Vanilla Gelato
(made with Madagarscar Premium Vanilla)
120 90  
  Japanese series    
1 Japanese Sesame Ice Cream

120 90  
2 Japanese UJI Supreme Green Tea Ice Cream
(made with UJI Supreme Green Tea)

140 100  

  Organic series    
1 Organic Uji Supreme Matcha Ice Cream
(Organic milk from UK, organic uji matcha, organic coconut palm sugar from Indonesia)

140 120  
2 Organic Peru Maranon Chocolate Ice Cream
(Organic milk from UK, organic Maranon Chocolate 75%, organic coconut palm sugar)

200 140  


  Veggie series    
1 Pineapple Coconut Veggie Ice Cream
(Fresh Pineapple with coconut milk base. Free of Dairy and gluten)

140 100  



Deluxe Ice Cream

1 French Lobster Ice Cream
(made with Fresh Lobster)

350 300
2 French Black Truffle Ice Cream
(made with Italian or French Black Truffle)

200 180
3 French Foie Gras Ice Cream
(made with fresh Rougie Foie Gras)
300 280






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